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We keenly look forward to have people who can create magic with …

  • Complex problem solving skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Passion
  • Judgement and decision making
  • Service orientation

The role of all HR professionals at GOL is to build highly motivated, skilled and successful teams aligned with GOL strategy, preserve and develop our unique company culture and implement dynamic HR practices … search for jobs; link will take them to Join us page; if no jobs will take them to careers email.


The role of our Finance team is to provide accurate visibility to GOL’s past, present and future economic performance while providing sound recommendations on opportunities and risk to optimize the performance of teams in alignment with strategy.

At Marketing, we aim at supporting the business by :

  • Defining the problems impacting business(Brands)
  • Developing a practical solution
  • Delivering the desired outcome


In Sales, we connect our brands to the consumers by making sure products are available within reach of the consumers in channels that they go.

 Supply Chain
In Supply chain management, we focus on the utilization of our supplier’s processes, technology, the capability to enhance competitive advantage to deliver the best services & materials. Also, we co-ordinate with manufacturing and logistics functions within our organization to deliver the best products to end customers.

Quality Assurance

The role of the department exists to ensure that the company’s brand conforms with world class quality standards and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

The role of our IT Team is to design, maintain, and support the Company’s information technology infrastructure, thus allowing the organization to leverage both information and technology in an efficient, productive and secure manner.

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