About Us

The Global Game Changer pouring the African Spirit into the World.
To Build Brilliant African Brands & Global Brands that – Inspire greatness – Celebrate life and – Create happy moments everyday.
We’ve stood the test of time; we are the one referred to as the successful company with a rich heritage and a great track record of growth and performance.


 Our central belief is that “we keep our promises and deliver our commitments”.


  • We are all here to do a job. That job and its responsibilities come first above every other thing
  • In not doing our jobs we let ourselves down, we let our colleagues down, we let our business down
  • So we focus our energy on doing the right thing, the right way, at the right time. Always!!


  • We recognize that every individual matters.
  • What we do matters.
  • How we do it matters.
  • When we do it matters.
  • We can make an impact.


  • The Company and its employees share a deep bond. Our pact is simple;


  • We work towards a common goal through cooperation and teamwork; thus we build long lasting relationship through shared interest


  • We approach each day with a passion and persistence to exceed expectations
  • We demonstrate high energy to back check, identify and solve challenges that we come across daily.

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